Marbella Massage, Shiatsu, Facial Rejuvenation

Marbella Massage
Providing Relaxing Muscle Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Reiki, Facial Beauty Rejuvenation (Rejuvance Technique) TNDR - Pain and Stress Reduction, Aromatherapy Oils Massage. Deep Tissue Massage

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Centro de Terapias Naturales in Nueva Andalucia, Sitio de Calahonda - Mijas Costa and Marbella, home visit
Phone: (34) 616 38 66 16

Massage therapist, Pepa Fuster, offers holistic bodywork treatments for relaxation and healing.

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"Pepa is a true Master Healer of healing touch. After every massage session, I have felt clearer, had more energy, and less pain. I highly recommend her healing massage therapy."
~ James Dillhay, Torreon, NM

"Her hands are strong and healing. She goes with the healing energy that releases blocks... that allows the energy flow. At the same time, pain from the body and soul disappears and helps to restore the inner balance. Her work transfers peace and love."
~ Guadalupe Ruiz Jimenez, Pilates Instructor

"I have had a few massages from Pepa. They were very relaxing and took a lot of tension out of my back. Also I liked the atmosphere she created. Thanks a hugo."
~ Heidrun Schulz, Basel Switzerland, Opera Singer